Know All About Infrared Light Therapy

Infra red light is an electromagnetic beam which possesses a frequency ranging from 1 to 43o THz and length of 0.7 to 300 mm. The wavelength of this light is far more than ordinary light and it has the natural abilities of sunlight but is free from solar radiation side effects. This indicates that there is no need to worry about the light hurting your skin when you take up infrared light therapy. The range of this light can be divided as:


• Short infra red beam
• Medium infra red light
• Long infra red beam


Infrared Light Therapy 1When activated, these rays can travel up to 3 cms in to the skin that makes them ideal to deal with different injuries that are related to ligaments and muscles in the body. Though the light penetrated in to the skin layers of your body, it does not harm the skin or the tissue in any way. The infrared light helps your skin to recover quickly thereby allowing fast recovery even from a severe skin injury.


For those who are suffering from various kinds of pain in the neck, back or in joints or suffering from an acute condition like arthritis, opting for the Infrared Light Therapy would relieve the acute pain in the body parts and would improve the chances of mobility as the joint pains and inflammation are alleviated. This is why arthritis patients are advised to undergo this treatment as it prevents the accumulation of liquid around the joints thereby eliminating the pain in and around the joints.


How does infrared light therapy function?


Nitric oxide is the main key of the therapy that makes way for the speedier recovery time when the beam of light is used on the patients. This gas called nitric oxide is vital for the smooth functioning of the arteries in your body. When the infra red energy is used on human body, it promotes the blood flow in the specific region, improves the oxygen presence in the blood flow, adds nutrients to the injured parts, relieves the pain in the tissues, offers quick healing ability and repairs the skin. The push in the flow of the blood would help the oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscle tissues in the body and heals faster when using the infrared light therapy. Apart from all these actions, it can cure the body of all kinds of pain and prevents the swelling in the body.


In a nutshell, infrared light therapy is highly useful as it helps to enhance the natural ability of your body to heal. You can make use of this therapy to heal all types of injuries and the pain and swelling associated with it without the need of any medicines. It can also improve your well being and enhance overall appearance.